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Photographs in Oral Tradition

Landslided road on our way back Student waiting for his friend on his way to school It's a mountain view of the Jigme village Early sunrise of Jigme village View of Jigme village surrounded by trees and bamboo Atsara and drum at Nangkor Tsechu Molay dancing at Nangkor Tsechu Molay at Nangkor Tsechu
Pholay at Nangkor Tsechu Atsara and a dog at Nangkor Tsechu Atsaras holding wooden phallus and making people laugh White masked Atsara at Nangkor tsechu Red faced Atsara at Nangkor Tsechu Women of Nangkor performing traditional dance Group of Atsaras playing prank on Nangkor villagers They are going to practice dance
Prayer wheel beside the Nangkor lhakhang Tibetan dance by the ladies of Khothagpa village Daga lama's drama at Khothagpa village Menchung bumo Tasha Zhoemba Lama Drama of various character Khothagpa Lhakhang
Stupa decorated for the Tsechu festival Head Achara without mask Head Achara without mask Dance by the girls Dance of Khar School girls Acha try to dance with girls Leader of the Yanak Nga Cham Dance by Khar school students

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