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Photographs in Oral Tradition

View of paddy field from a way to Ghari village A path that leads to Ghari Village Tree wrapped with holy strings around it Stone which people worship on their way to Bhukay dham Fresh waterfall on way to Bhukay Dham Its believed to be the head of the snakes which we can see around god shiva Madal which gives a good sound It's gives a very nice drum sound
Lower shots of the cemented steps This shivling are pointed downwards to the ground from above The upper shivling with water drops Lord shivji's main temple The water drops inside is believed to be purifying water It's a place where pilgrims take shower before reaching the dham River flow on our way Tree in form of Brama and Shivji
Offering made to gods by the people There is suppose to be a statue of Lord Shivas wife Parvati,Kartic and Ganesh Dark yet its believed to be wish fulfilling cave This cave is is said to belong to goddess Laxmi Its the main place inside the cave where people come to worship The ground shivling stores the holy water which drops from the above shivling Dewrali which is believed to be Shivji's main leg The steps which leads us to Bhukay Dham
Young paddy plant which is later transplanted to other fields Sharp mountain view from the river banks Picture of  a mountain on our way to Bhukay Dham Traditional bamboo hut Offering place of lord shiv Satakha village with schools and lhakhang The satakha lhakhang on our way back to Samtse Landslided road on our way back

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