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Photographs in Oral Tradition

The tika ceremony for the bride The bride receive blessing from all the elders of the house Bride waiting for the ritual carried by the grooms mother before letting the bride inside the house Groom paying money for those who made the arrangements Groom cutting ribbon so that he can let his  bride enter the gate Bride and groom coming towards the main entrance of the grooms house Ritual that the bride undergoes before entering the grooms house Bride and Groom getting ready for the ritual before proocedingg towrads the gate
Bride waiting for her Groom to complete the ritual Villagers helping in Cooking lunch for the guest Decorting Gate for Bride and Groom It's a place where both the bride and groom will sit while receiving gifts Men performing Chabdrung Dance Men with a drum during Subba marriage Man with leaves for his cattle Paddy field after harvesting
Houses being constructed near the paddy field in Tendu village Field where farmers grow their crops Cloth piece being offered by the villagers who came to worship A Stone at Devi Thahan which stands near the holy water Offerings made by the villager who came for worship Holy water near Devi thahan once happen to be the source of water for the villagers of Tendu Holy water near Devi thahan A temple where the people of Tendu come for worship during special occassion
Close view of a temple near Devi thahan where people of Tendu worship The is an actual place where the house of a subba girl was built Bushes grown above the walls of a subba girl's house Bushes near subba girl's house which is no more now Side view of a stone wall of a subba girl's house Remaining stone wall of a subba girl's house View from D Bindu village Orchard where farmers grow banana

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