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Yutok bridge with Potala visible in the distance, from the southeast. Copyright Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford 1998.131.271.1

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Collections: Lhasa, Lhasa - Potala Palace

Location: Potala Palace, Yutok Zampa, Marpori, Red Palace, F55485, White Palace, Zhöl


by Jessica O'Leary

Donkeys coming through the Turquoise Bridge, or Yutok Zampa (g.yu thog zam pa), so called because of its turquoise tiled roof. The front (south) face of the Potala can be seen in the background, viewed from the southeast, with some buildings of Zhöl (zhol) village visible at its base. Two seated elderly women can be seen resting on the left side of the entrance to the bridge, while a man sleeps next to the wall on the bottom right corner of the image.

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Photograph Date: 10/1936

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