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Lhasa valley from the south. Copyright Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford 1998.131.224

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Collections: Lhasa

Location: Sera Monastery, Lhasa, Lhasa River, Potala Palace, Chakpori, Marpori, Lingkor


by Jessica O'Leary

Looking down on Lhasa Valley from the south, with Lhasa, the Potala and Chakpori below. The photograph was taken from an elevated position on a nearby mountainside, perhaps Bumpari (bum pa ri). The main routes into the town and around the valley are clearly visible, as is the path of the Kyichu River (skyid chu). The photograph reveals the general layout of Lhasa city and the proximity of cultivation sites, wooded parks, estates, and public places across a wide area. Sera Monastery is in the distance against the mounts, which rise steeply in the background, and the entrance to Nyangdren Valley (nyang bran) is visible on the right.

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Photograph Date: 31/Aug/1936

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