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Detail of Chenrézig Chakzhipa.  Shrine in the local priest's home. A local fetish priest in Ghana greets visitors at the threshold. Coffins in the shape of a spider, a fish and a vegetable being made in Ghana. Ghanaian beach. A view of the walled city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik town as viewed from the wall. Entrance gate to the old city of Dubrovnik.
View of Minceta Tower. Table Mountain as viewed from the sea. Offerings left at one of the shrines. A pavillion at Kutodaw Pagoda. Each of the 729 small stupas holds a marble slab carved with a portion of the Pali Canon. One of the marble slabs at Kuthodaw Pagoda. A shrine at the Kuthodaw Pagoda. A view along the rows of kyauksa gu at Kuthodaw Pagoda.
Kuthodaw Pagoda. One of the Buddhas adorning the lecture hall of Sitagu Buddhist Academy. A subsidary shine at Sitagu. An addorsed lion capital at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy. Entrance to the main hall at Sitagu International Buddhist Academy. An overview of the main lecture hall. A family lustrates a shrine at Schwedagon Pagoda. A subsidiary shrine at the Mahamuni Temple.
Monks assemble for evening prayers in Mandalay. Boats in Inle Lake. A small temple in Maing Tauk. View of Yangon under the full moon. A mural depicting Simhanada Lokeshvara. One of the temples of Phajoding Gonpa. A view of the north side of Paro Dzong. The administrative block for the National Library and Archives of Bhutan.