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Northeast side of Barkor facing west toward Potala with Karni Gozhi stupa. Copyright Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford 1998.285.293.1

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Collections: Lhasa

Location: Barkor, Potala Palace, Tromzikkhang, Kakni Gozhi, F72196


by Jessica O'Leary

Shops and awnings on the east end of the north side of the Barkor (bar skor) circuit in Lhasa, looking west. The Karni Gozhi stupa (kar+Ni sgo bzhi mchod rten) in the center of the image was located in the Barkor North Square, or Barkor Tromzhung Jang (bar skor khrom gzhung byang), where Ramoché Street (ra mo che lam) intersected with the Barkor. The Potala can be seen in the distance rising above the buildings of the Barkor.

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Resource type: Image

Photograph Date: 1920-1921

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