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  • Wild products from Kheng Buli (English )

Tibet and Himalayas: Agricultural Work, Bhutan Cultural Library

Location: Buli

Keywords: A fruit bear by a tree called kinshing which can be use to make butter known as Kinma, Betel=པ་ནེ།, Cane shoot=སྤ་ཆག།, Creeper that can be eaten with betel =རུ་ཤིང་ཟེར་རྡོག་མ་གི་ཚབ་སྦེ་པ་ནེ་དང་ཟ་ནི་ཅིག།, Damru a wild vegetable =ནགས་ཚལ་གྱི་ཚོད་བསྲེ་ཅིག།, Domshing a tree which can bear a fruit to make butter called Domar=དོམ་མར།, Kut a wild fruit which is Amla in Dzongkha=ཀུད་ཟེརམི་འདི་ རྫོང་ཁའི་ནང་ཨམ་ལ་ཟེར་མི་འདི་ཨིན།, Nampur fruit, Nerchey a wild fruit in Khengkha=ནེར་ཅེ།, Phathai, Pukchali a ruit bear by wild banana=ཚལ་མ་ནང་གི་ངང་ལག་གི་འབྲས་བུ་ཅིག, wal nut=ཧྟར་གོ།, Wild fruit called Kawalinugma in Khengkha, Youngmin fruit which is use to make butter called youngminma


by Yeshi Wangchuk

These are the different forest products collected by Phuntsho Dendup from Buli, he have collected around eighteen different wild fruits and vegetables to make a presentation on etymology of ‘Kheng’ for Shejun Researcher. He said that, Kheng region is filled with those kinds of wild products in the forest; therefore, one should spell it as ཁེངས་ (Kheng), which means filled or covered. This is how he defended the approach of Lama Gyalwa Nima's etymology of Kheng. And he concluded saying that, those are not the least, some products can be harvested in different season so he could not gather them all.

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Photographer: Yeshi Wangchuk

Photograph Date: 10/Dec/2014

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