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The monkey the Trew Jangchub Sempa in Bardo

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  • Bardo Chams (English )

Tibet and Himalayas: Holy Spring Narrative, Bhutan Cultural Library

Location: Thimphu

Keywords: Dances, dzong, people, Tashichoedzong, Thimphu Tsechu


by Dawa Tshering

This image is called as Black Devil or Drey Nagchung. Once we reached in an intermedite state if we don't understand and know the realistic of it, we see them as devil or the spirit seem like threatening and torturing. This is so because we accumulated strong negative deeds when we are in earth. This devil drag the culprit to where they supposed to be. This is the scene where we are measured with our negative and the positive actions infront of the Lord of the Death Shing je Choegi Gyhelpo.

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Resource type: Image

Photographer: Dawa Tshering

Photograph Date: 04/Oct/2014

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