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A view of the conference room and all the participants

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Collections: Shem-Women-Writers-Competition

Tibet and Himalayas: Text Composition

Location: Xining (Latitude: 36.617158; Longitude: 101.778506)


by Rinchenkhar

This project is to hold a cultural competition for female authors writing on women's issues in Tibetan areas. The goal is to incentivize and empower more Tibetan women to write their life stories, ideas, and to value education. An additional goal of this project is to encourage more people to value women’s education on the Tibetan Plateau by raising awareness of the capacity and achievements of women in literary and intellectual domains. This is the overall scene of the competition final conference room, and more than 200 women  participated in the event.

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Photographer: Kashem Gyal

Photograph Date: 02/Apr/2011

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