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Worker at hotel in Lhagang.  Tibetan man competing in rock carrying game at Lhagang Horse Festival.  Men playing game with horses at Lhagang Festival.  Tibetan men racing horses at Lhagang horse festival. Tibetan man racing horse in Lhagang horse festival Tibetan boys riding horses at the Lhagang Horse Festival.  Young man racing his horse at the Lhagang Horse Festival. 
Participants getting ready for horse race.  Horse race participants getting ready.  Young Tibetan boy racing horse in Lhagang.  Tibetan boy racing horse in Lhagang Horse Racing in Lhagang.  Crowd gathered around an injured horse.  Crowd assisting an injured horse.  Young men racing horses at the Lhagang Horse Festival
Three Tibetan women and a young boy. Four dancers wearing yellow shirts. A close up of two dancers wearing red shirts. A nomad man leading a horse. A nomad woman travelling on horseback. A nomad couple. A Tibetan man wearing a chuba and holding a rosary.

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