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Photographs in Caplan Collection

Jaisi Bahun family examines photos taken 23 yrs before Young Limbu exercises in hope of joining Gurkhas A Jaisi Bahun (high caste) examining jackfruit Village boy with beret Village child Village girl with necklace and bracelet Three young village boys Two village girls near maize storage platform (tengro)
Giri (ascetic) women in front of their kuti (nunnery) Giri (ascetic) women in front of their kuti (nunnery) Giri (ascetic) women in front of their kuti (nunnery) Village women grooming each other in courtyard Father feeding first rice to his child Village child after receiving tika at Dasein Household head gives Dasain tika to family members Village householder smoking hookah
Village householder demonstrates hookah-smoking Whitewashing house for Dasain festival Drying rice in the courtyard Damai (Dalit) caste members are tailors and musicians Village tailors, members of the Damai (Dalit) caste Damai (Dalit) woman displays her jewellery Extended Brahmin village family A large two-storey house belonging to wealthy villager
A three-generation joint family in village Village Panchayat (council) meeting in open air Elections for chair of village panchayat (council) Paddy planting (khet ropain) Preparing irrigated fields (khet) for paddy planting Seeding dry (unirrigated) field (bari) Ploughing field with bullocks Ploughing field with bullocks

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