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Photographs in Phillip Lieberman Collection

completion of Bon-Po protection ritual. Flocks (sheep and goats) of Lingshed village being taken out to graze Ladakh Children and adults sleeping on the streets of Kathmandu Bon-Po monk - protection ritual. Geshe Ngawang Jangchup and monks in discussion class at the National Traditional Arts and Crafts School Women at entry gate to the village during the annual ceremony marking the renewal of prayer-flags. Children and adults sleeping on the streets of Kathmandu
Chortens in village Bon-Po lama's dance - protection ritual. Geshe Ngawang Jangchup  conducting a teaching, Lingshed Gompa, 1991 Mother, father, grandmother in kitchen Jonkri (shaman) exorcising evil spirits to cure a sick man Children and adults sleeping on the streets of Kathmandu Flocks,  village in Ladakh Sister and brother in their home after ritual
Jonkri (Shamen) in village of Dulai -- he conducted the ceremony drected at driving out evil spirits from a sick villager Visnumati river squatter's settlement Rich man's wife Bon-Po lama and monks in a private home conducting protection ritual. Old Man, village in Ladakh Father and children at ritual fire for a purification ceremony Rice Fields In Nima Wangdi's home, his relatives are gathering to decide on adoption of Lhapka Dolma, his infant daughter by Dawa Wangchu Sherpa.
Visnumati river squatter's settlement Sherpa family -- corn harvest Mother, child and grandmother in the kitchen of their home Sheep being herded in the village of Gogona Tawa (young monk) in Gompa Druk-Pa girls on Pilgrimage in Khiu gompa on the shores of lake Manasarovar (see print 1) Threshing in village in Rolpa, (approach to Outer Dolpo) Western Nepal In Nima Wangdi's, a prosperous "horseman's" home. His 9-month old daughter, Lhakpa Dolma who was deaf, is being carried by her older sister. (Nima Wamgdi's wife died when the infant was 3 months old).

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