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Photographs in 2007 Wild Yak Lands Expedition (WYLE)

Funerary structure FS1 (foreground) and structure FS2 (background). Funerary structure FS1, funerary structure FS2 with members of the survey team. Looking north from the site. Note the few remaining in situ stones of the enclosure. The site’s fragmentary structures. Funerary structure FS3. The central chamber in funerary structure FS3. Another view of the castle.
A close-up of a rammed-earth structure on the formation’s summit. Note the orifices used to hold the shuttering pins during construction. The exterior of the castle. The interior of the summit structure. The earthen walls of the castle’s interior. The east side of the castle. The south side of the castle with the ruined entrance (middle of the image) to the installation. The castle from the south. East and north sides of the hulk.
The ridge surmounted by the ruined castle. The curtain-wall punctuated by three inset triangular loopholes. The rear wall of the northwest edifice. Note the manner in which the revetment projects outward from the adobe-block superstructure. A wood sample for radiocarbon analysis was extracted from the interior base of the superstructure. The forward wall and a flank of the northwest edifice. A close-up of the revetment of the northwest edifice. Note the herringboned masonry in the middle of the revetment. The northwest edifice and outer defensive walls of the southeast sector. The northwest edifice. A revetment lining the edge of the southeast sector formation. Note the diagonally placed stones in the revetment and the vestiges of adobe-block walls above the revetment.
The pillars of Gyatengbur Doring (<i>rgya steng ’bur rdo ring</i>) West. The pillars and enclosures of Gyatengbur Doring (<i>rgya steng ’bur rdo ring</i>) East. Funerary structure FS1. Funerary structure FS1. Funerary structure FS7. Funerary structure FS3. Funerary structure FS1 and funerary structure FS2. Funerary structure FS6.

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