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Photographs in 2004 High Tibet Welfare Expedition (HTWE)

The undulating surface of the site. A recent excavation can be seen in the foreground. The site, with arable fields and the survey team base camp in the background. Note the recent excavation in the foreground. Part of the site’s dispersion. Measuring funerary structure FS1. Members of the survey team at funerary structure FS2. In the background is the large Dam (<i>’dam</i>) Basin. Funerary structure FS2. Funerary structure FS1.
Funerary structure FS3. Funerary structure FS1. Note how the uphill wall is level with the slope. The Dam (<i>’dam</i>) Basin lies in the distance. Funerary structure FS2. Wall fragments with significant vertical development, residential structure RS6. The broken and rocky surface of funerary structure FS8 with members of the survey team. Funerary structure FS2. The 6 m long intact wall segment in residential structure RS5. Note the zone of tumuli in the background Funerary structure FS3.
Funerary structure FS1. The tunnel cut into funerary structure FS20. Funerary structure FS13. Funerary structure FS22. Measuring funerary structure FS7. The village of Khredo (<i>khre mdo</i>) is to the left of the Khrechu (<i>khre chu</i>) and the village of Lagendo (<i>la rgan mdo</i>) is to the right. The excavation recently carried out on top of funerary structure FS10. Funerary structure FS8. The survey camp can be seen on the plain to the right of the funerary mound.

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