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Resources Associated with Khaté Khé Gönpa

Photographs in Khaté Khé Gönpa

This is a stupa in Khadi Kha Monastery in Guanten Township, Dzomo Khar County, Kansu Province This is the Stupa in Khadi  Kha monastery in Guan Ting Township, Dzomo Khar County, Kansu Province A Thangka of Zongkaba and painted by Tibetan artist at Khadi Kha monastery This is a Tibetan introduction for Khadi Kha monastery and written by one of the reincarnated Lamas
A holy substance of Khadi Ka Monastery, a wooden  tube thats to carry Tsampa and other provisions for long trips This is the over view of Dro Mo Khar in Chuankhou Town, Dzomo Khar  County The castle of Khaté Khé Monastery

Khaté Khé Gönpa in Places