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Photographs in Riu Gönpa

The lower dokhang (<i>rdo khang</i>). It is now used to support the main prayer flag mast of the site. The detail of the window in one of the all-stone huts. One of the all-stone huts. The northwest corner of the main temple. The southwest corner of the main temple. The south face of the main temple. The outer entranceway to the main temple. Close-up of roof and lintel construction on the north side of the west courtyard.
Upper-most ceremonial structure east of the main temple. Interior of the middle-sized chapel of the southwest shrine rooms. West inner courtyard looking towards the entranceway to the east inner courtyard. Entranceway between the east inner and west inner courtyards. The entranceway to the northwest shrine rooms can be seen in the background. The interior of the main temple. Close-up of the stonework of the exterior south wall of the main temple.

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